“Afghanistan, Fortress of Cannabis” now available for pre-order.

"Afghanistan, Fortress of Cannabis"
now available for pre-order.

I am finally able to announce that the book “Afghanistan, Fortress of Cannabis” is scheduled to be released in October.

You can now pre-order your signed and numbered copy at a discounted price.

Why did it take me so long to release it ?


First of all, I’m sorry if this is my first post. It took me a while to secure the release of this book, and I wanted to communicate about it only when I was sure it would happen.

Over a year ago, motivated by positive feedback on the first version, I decided to create the book I really had in mind. My goal was to have more pages and content without raising the price or lowering the print quality.

Believe me, I never thought I would be releasing a book in my life, and I never thought about all the details that go into printing a commercially viable photo-book. So I’ve learned about print quality, paper, binding, etc. This will probably not mean anything to you, but the book will be printed on Heidelberg press using Agfa Sublima screening technology. I then had to select the proper printing company for this type of job, get an idea of the price, and secure the funds, or at least part of it. I’ve been able to obtain a small loan thanks to an associative bank, who luckily saw me as “the new Frenchy Cannoli.” With the possibility of the book getting more and more real, I also worked to improve its content.


What’s new in the book ?


First, there are more pages (128 vs. 72), so there are more photographs and more words. I added a few words to the original essay in order to clarify some parts, and I included 35 references to source my explanations. I also added a last chapter, “Epilogue”, where I give more details about the travel experience. In this last part, I also explain how I got detained by Uzbek customs on my way back from Afghanistan.

I also added two interview transcripts: one from the caretaker of Baba Ku’s shrine, and a short one from the owner of a chillum house. You will even be able to listen to the audio recordings with QR codes printed in the book.

The book will also come with a digital version containing the same text but only a selection of photographs. All the references will be clickable, directing to the original documents or links when possible. The physical book will only be released in English, but its digital version will be available in English or French at first. I am hoping to be able to translate the text into Spanish, Portuguese, Italian, and German before the end of the year 2022.

Regarding quality, it will be printed on heavier paper, with a sewn binding for a better opening of the book. The size will be slightly bigger with a hardcover.

The first edition will be limited to 800 copies. Pre-ordered books will be signed and numbered: the first person to order the book will have the copy 001/800, the second 002/800, etc..


When will it be released ?


I should have a release date soon, but it will probably happen in October. I am trying my best to have it released by the end of September, but it may be too unrealistic.
The cover is almost done, with a few details to decide on, and will be revealed in the coming weeks.


Where will it be available ?


The book is available from my website with 10% of the profits going to Afghanistan. I will do my best to send money directly to the people I met and who are pictured in the book.
The book will also be available from few resellers, online or in brick-and-mortar stores. 
I am planning a few exhibitions as well, where the book will be available.
If you wish to become a reseller or to plan an exhibition, do not hesitate to contact me.


How can you support this project ?


Word of mouth would help a great deal, so please share the news, either in real life or on social media. If you have read the previous version of the book you can also leave a review on my website.

If you can and wish to help financially, I am also selling prints on my website.
All photographs are available as:

  • “original artwork” on fine art paper, in various sizes, and in limited editions;
  • “postcard” or “poster” available in an unlimited supply.


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