Original Artwork Vs. Posters

Original Artwork Vs. Posters & Postcards

Original artworks

Original artworks are produced on demand in a limited quantity and are taxable as work of art. They are signed and numbered on the back, and delivered with a certificate of authenticity that doesn’t mention the price. They are printed with pigment ink on fine art paper, to last up to 100 years.

The total number of prints listed under each Limited Edition Artwork represents the total number of collectors’ prints being produced commercially for that artwork. No more will be produced for sale once all prints have sold out. I reserve the right to produce up to two ‘Artist’s Proofs’ (AP) for each artwork, in addition to the editions quoted, but if these are produced they are not normally intended for commercial sale.

Prices for limited editons increase as editions sell.

Original artworks are available in different sizes but within the strict specified limit. In other words, for the same photograph, edition 1 is available in one of all sizes, edition 2 is available in one of all sizes, and so on.

Posters & Postcards

Posters and Postcards are copies of an original artwork.

Art is subjective and should not rely on the print medium to be categorized as art. If your budget does not allow you to purchase the original artwork, you can have it in poster or postcard. They may not offer the same benefits of longevity, quality and presentation but they can still provide an emotional connection with an image.

All photographs can be printed according to your wishes. For large orders, a special size, framing, or one of my photographs not listed on the site, please contact me.

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