Did you like the e-book ?

You will love the real book!​

Did you like the e-book ?

You will love the real book!​

  • 130 photographs
  • Includes the hash-making process
  • Limited edition of 800 copies
  • Signed & numbered
  • High quality print
  • 170 gsm paper
  • Sewn binding
  • Made in Italy
  • Shipping worldwide
  • With free postcard and bookmark

A rare collector's book
to put on the coffee table of a cannabis enthusiast!

The e-book was designed to go along with the physical book. The digital format can be practical for clickable links, but it can’t replace the touch and feel of a real book. This is even more true about photo-book, especially if they are carefully printed.

The hardcover version of ‘Afghanistan, Fortress of cannabis’ is printed within the luxury industry standards. It is printed on wood-free, matte coated paper with a high density, providing an ideal opacity and rigidity. The paper really gives tribute to the Agfa Sublima screening technology with a great brilliance, and no visible dots for the human eye.

The sewn binding with a headband allow for flat opening of the book. You can turn the pages easily while the book is in your hands or on a table.


This serie of photographs is a really rare document. If you liked the pictures in the e-book, you are missing the most artistic ones, the hash-making process and others with more faces, in the hardcover book.

Wether we have always dreamed to go to Afghanistan, or we are watching it on the news, or reading about its past or present, images of the Afghan cannabis culture have always been hard to find. The book ‘Afghanistan, Fortress of Cannabis’ compiles a serie of 130 rare photographs aiming at giving you a glimpse of this traditional cannabis culture.    

A French photographer in Afghanistan for 2 months

A lot of people are interested in the the Afghan cannabis culture but very few actually dared to step in the country. If I was able to come back with these photographs, I guess it is because I’ve traveled around a lot, because I have decent camera gears and skills, and because I am a good hash smoker, well aware of the new cannabis trends of the West.


When we hear about drugs in Afgahanistan, opium gets the most attention. In news coverage or academic articles and surveys, cannabis is often treated as a similar threat, clearly by people who never indulged, took part, or even sat down with the smokers. People were so surpised that I would smoke the chillum with them, and I visited each places several times during the two months I spent there. I think that helped a lot to capture beautiful moments.


None of the photographs were staged, directed, lighted artificially, or photoshopped. I’ve stopped nobody to take a picture. I photographed some of the best scenes I had in front of my eyes with my camera, the rest with my visual memory.


If I went through the struggle of self-publishing a photo-book, it is because what I saw resonate some much with the new trends of the cannabis industry. The so-called strains or pheno hunters, or the modern concentrates makers are just updating, sometimes for the worst, ancient techniques. From the plant to the dry-sieving process, I believe we have a lot to learn from this traditional cannabis culture. 


Another reason for publishing a commerically viable book was to be able to send some money directly to the people I met and who are photographed in the book. 10% of the profits made on my website will go to them.


Q: How much is the book ?

A: 59 euros incl. VAT.


Q: Where do you ship ?

A: The book is shipped worldwide from France. International shipping is 21 euros.


Q: Why is shipping so expensive ?

A: I am a small business and I can’t provide the same services as Amazon. The book weights more than 1 kilo and this is the cheapest option possible.


Q: Do I get a tracking number ?

A: Yes the book is sent via tracked shipping in a protective case.


Q: What’s more with the book ?

A: Included you’ll get a bookmark and a large postcard! Each books are signed and numbered. Only 800 copies are available.

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